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Hemispheres 2, hal : 89 (circle the verbs that are in the passive form) sand to herdiyantodian@yahoo.com

A Second Chance For Connections

Through the website Classmates.com, people are given a second chance to make connection. Classmates.com lists current information on over 40 million people who graduated from high schools and colleges around the world. The website is helping millions of old friends get in touch, and it’s also helping people find romance. For example, Rita Nathan was contacted by an old classmate named Mark. Ten months later (and 22 years after graduating from high school!), they got married.
But perhaps the most moving story is about Greg Fletcher. Greg was adopted at birth, and for many years his searched for his biological mother. After watching a TV news story about Classmates.com, Greg typed his biological mother’s name into the website. One month later, Greg was reunited with the mother he hadn’t seen since the day he was born. Only time will tell what other connections will be made in the future through this amazing website.

Example sentence from the passive verbs
1.    The necklace was given by my father as my birthday gift.
2.    My teacher was contacted by the secretary to give speech about Democration.
3.    The cat was adopted by my brother when he found it in a garbage.
4.    The boy was reunited with the family after he was kidnapped since ten years ago.
5.    The light that he seen came from that mountain.
6.    My sister was born by a professional doctor at hospital.
7.    This dress will be made by the famous designer from Paris.

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